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Slow / incomplete rendering for some build pages
Incident Report for Coveralls
We experienced an issue this afternoon that caused background jobs for a number of projects to fail.

We've since resolved the underlying issue and the failed jobs are now being re-enqueued and re-processed.

One symptom of failed background jobs is is slow or incomplete rendering of build pages.

In some cases, your build view will appear partial (missing some elements); or the build may throw a Javascript error related to "DataTables." This error means data is missing that's required to render the TREE or LIST views of your SOURCE FILES table.

Most issues will be automatically resolved when their jobs have re-processed. However, if you experience any such issues tomorrow, please email

You can reference this incident link to keep your description short:

But please make sure to share the Coveralls URL for your project/build.
Posted Feb 02, 2021 - 12:30 PST