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[Re-Opened] Github status updates failing intermittently
Incident Report for Coveralls
We are closing this incident for now: We have not been able to reproduce the issue with any data from customer incidents, and, in the past 12 hours, we have seen no further failing status update jobs in our background queues where we have been monitoring them. This further supports the notion that status updates were failing (intermittently) due to a factor external to We have automated some monitoring around this, but if you experience the issue more than once (in a row), please let us know at Please share the relevant Coveralls build URL(s) in your email.
Posted Apr 19, 2022 - 09:31 PDT
We are keeping this issue open on reports of intermittent (but ongoing) failures to receive Github status updates. We have not identified a root cause but are addressing customer issues individually as we continue to monitor and investigate.
Posted Apr 18, 2022 - 09:32 PDT
Re-opening this incident from yesterday, THU, APR 14, since we are receiving more reports this morning:

We are getting reports of Github status updates not arriving at Github for repos that have been fine in this regard for a long time. We are noticing an uptick in background job failures responsible for these status updates. In most cases, these failures resolve immediately by re-trying them. But some fail a few times before succeeding. We suspect there's an issue with the Github API (though not according to, or an isolated issue between and, that's resulting in behavior like rate limiting. There is no known basis for actual rate limiting, but this is the effect.

Please know that any failing status updates will be retried in exponential back-off fashion (so they should eventually succeed) and that we are monitoring closely and will take any action we can to improve things.
Posted Apr 15, 2022 - 10:20 PDT
This incident affected: GitHub.